Dear member,

A warm welcome to you as we open up our Cabinet of Curiosities and reveal all the delights we have for you in the 2023-2024 season.
Get these dates inked into your diaries. All talks are in Selkirk Parish Church Hall and start at 7.30.
The annual membership fee for 2023-2024 will be £10, payable at the Hall.




Dr John Reid of the Trimontium Trust returns on 20th September to give us fresh insights into the Romans in Scotland. His book entitled “A New History of Roman Scotland” is out now.

On the 18th October David McLean examines the controversial nineteenth century Poaching and Game Laws in South East Scotland and how they impacted on all sectors in the community for better or worse.

“Are we nearly there yet?” (the cry from the back seat of every family car), but in this case, with the erudition of Bruce Keith an entertaining talk on 15th November on Scottish milestones. We will be welcoming members of the Old Gala Club to this talk.

Since its earliest days the local woollen industry has imported wool from abroad and with the bales many alien plants and seeds. The Wool Aliens is a film by Julia Parks that looks at the impact on our countryside. Julia’s film was commissioned by Alchemy, based in Hawick, who also have an archive of local films, and will show a brief sample. Make sure you come along on 17th January. Julia will be present as she was at the showing at this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival.

On 21st February our very own Frank Brown will open the collection of his own local films and select a few that demonstrate what a great and interesting range he has made over many years.  The title is Local Changes and Features.

Julian Colton, poet, writer and editor is just the right man to take A writer’s point of view on Sir Walter Scott and will be doing so on 20th March.

You think you know all there is about Dr. John Muir? Think again. Paul Brough of the Heritage Hub has been immersed in his archives and has much more to disclose on 17th April.

And so to the AGM on 15th May. It will, as ever, be brief. The reward for your attendance will be a talk by Fiona Colton touching on James Hogg andThe Suicide’s Grave”.


We on your little committee are excited by the range and quality of speakers and hope that we have done a grand job for you. As the Common Riding song says we “come frae naethin sma’”, The Selkirkshire Antiquarian Society has been proving this since the 1940s and looks forward to informing and entertaining you well into the future. To make sure this happens we do need lovely people with fresh ideas to help guide the work so please consider contributing a little bit of time each year to help.

Looking forward to seeing everyone for a great season.
Lawrence Roberson, Secretary

Formed in 1947 to preserve the Antiquities of the district and provide a meeting ground for like minded people to enjoy and protect the exceptionally wide and fruitful  field of historical, literary and archaeological lore which is available throughout the county.


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