Dear member,

At last! Something to look forward to.

The Antiquarians was due to commence in January with 5 terrific monthly talks in the Selkirk Parish Church Hall but the first talk in January has been cancelled due to the uncertainties about Covid. Each member will pay just £5 for the whole set of talks, £2 per talk for anyone who is not a member or wishes to come to just one or two.

Put the dates in your diary.  We will not issue a membership card for this session. Here are the delights in store for you:

Yours sincerely,

Lawrence Robertson
Secretary on behalf of the committee
November 2021


Query from an author. Can you help?

I am interested in the Scottish explorer Mungo Park and hope to have my book on him and the exploration of the Niger completed by early next year. In Kenneth Lupton's excellent biography of Park, Mungo Park the African Traveller (1979), there is a reference (on page 7) that 'A printed map of Scotland still exists with his writing on the back: 'My map of Scotland - M. Park'. With boyish high spirits he went on to add, 'Drawn from the best authorities - Hurray, hurray - The emblem of Scotland.' under which he drew a man in Highland dress.' At the end of this sentence, Lupton provides a footnote as reference, and, on page 245, fn. 3, he gives the following information: 'Information kindly made available by Mr. J. McIntyre'. There is no reference in the Preface and Acknowledgements to a Mr McIntyre and I have failed, so far, to locate this map. I would be interested to see the map if it could be located, and if I was given permission.

Can you or your Selkirk Antiquarian Society colleagues help at all? I should very much welcome any assistance.

Please reply to secretary.



The Church will have a few not too onerous restrictions of how the hall is used so that we can take care against Covid. Our committee will be responsible for seeing that we all do what is required by the Church and keep up to date with government guidance. Right now you will need your mask when you arrive. We have decided to forego our tea and biscuits for this session to avoid extra work in cleaning the kitchen.

Looking forward to seeing you in January. All talks start at 7.30pm.


Wednesday January 12th 2022

This has been cancelled due to the present uncertainties about Covid.

Wednesday February 16th 2022

Alasdair Allan will invite us to follow the journey of the Tweed to the sea.
Alasdair grew up here and is now an MSP for the Western Isles. His book, Tweed Rins Tae The Ocean tells of his explorations of the geography, history and culture along this wonderful river. Alasdair will bring copies of this excellent book so you can complete your education at your leisure. It retails at £20.

Wednesday March 16th 2022

David McLean will consider the lives of Farm Servants in South East Scotland.
We have welcomed and enjoyed David’s talks before and this is just the sort of topic that we all like.

Wednesday April 20th 2022

Bruce Keith, in Bridgescapes, will share his considerable knowledge and passion for Scotland’s bridge building heritage. Bridgescapes is the title of his delightful book. It is a complete celebration of our ingenuity in getting across rivers from earliest times to the latest Forth crossing. Beautiful photographs and a great story. Bruce will have some copies for sale at the talk. It retails at £18.

Wednesday May 18th 2022 PLEASE NOTE-change of date from 11th to 18th May.

Free event in Selkirk Parish Church Hall, 18th May at 7.30pm Talk by John Reid on New Thoughts on Trimontium. Short AGM. All welcome. Disabled access.

Formed in 1947 to preserve the Antiquities of the district and provide a meeting ground for like minded people to enjoy and protect the exceptionally wide and fruitful  field of historical, literary and archaeological lore which is available throughout the county.

All talks take place at 7.30 pm on Wednesdays in Selkirk Parish Church Hall, Selkirk.


Committee members
Ian Brown
Sue Cook
Audrey Dobbie
Rob Marr
Treasurer: Cath Henderson (01750 20821)
Secretary: Lawrence Robertson (01835 870642,

Our evening talks are open to all.

Annual Membership £6 per year payable at a talk.

Non member £2 per talk.

For enquiries about the meetings or the Antiquarian Society please contact Lawrence Robertson

Lawrence Robertson


Monumental Inscriptions



Situated on the Boglie Burn off the Melrose Bye-Pass next to the new Crematoriam.

This large cemetery with 1331 headstone details has been transcribed by our Society to assist those tracing their family trees and for generations to come.

Our latest CD includes the following:-

  • Details recorded from each headstone together with a digital photograph;
  • Pupil admission records for Melrose Grammer School 1869
  • Some Melrose Grammer School log information 1891
  • List of Melrosians 1938 to 2012
  • List of Festival Queens 1937 to 2012

This CD costs £12 including postage and packaging (UK only). Enquiries and orders to


HOBKIRK Cemeteries Old and New

Situated between HAWICK  and  JEDBURGH,  HOBKIRK has a beautiful setting round the old church. This cemetery has never been recorded before so lots of new information is now available including lots of  AMOS's, ANDERSONS, ARMSTRONGS, BELLS, DOUGLAS's, ELLIOTS, MURRAYS, NICOLS,  OLIVERS,  RENWICKS, SMITHS, SCOTTS , THOMSONS AND TURNBULLS  etc all together with individual digital photographs. The CD also includes the War Memorial details, Militia list, name and place index No schools details were available. It also includes transcriptions for the now derelict ABBOTRULE headstones together with photographs. CD contains over 400 listed headstones with photographs.

SOUTHDEAN Cemeteries Old and New

Situated at Chesters heading from Hobkirk to the Carter Bar the two cemeteries are up the lane behind the War Memorial at the main junction .The Old cemetery is well kept and has a lot of new information as again this churchyard has never been recorded before and we have included digital photographs with each headstone.

In the Southdean church are stained glass windows dedicated to James THOMSON 1700-1748 who wrote "Rule Brittania" and the Poetic Cycle "The Seasons". There are lots of OLIVERS, TURNBULLS, SCOTTS and DOUGLAS's listed for the historians.

In the new Southdean Cemetery is the headstone to "HIZZY" Robert Steven HISLOP the world champion motor cyclist who died locally in a helicopter crash. The CD also includes War Memorial details, Militia list but no school details found. Again, like Hobkirk, it includes the monumental inscriptions for ABBOTRULE with photographs. The site is now derelict and situated nearby. Contains over 300 listed headstones with photographs.


The headstones were recorded in the 60s by the Hawick Archaeological Society and also recorded in Tancreds book "Rules of Rule Water". We have included a verbatim copy of the Hawick transcription as the location is now derelict but contains a good amount of detail for family historians. I have taken more photographs to show the current state of the nearby site. The transcriptions are included in both the above CDs but not available separately.

We are the only society to have transcribed all the above and below cemeteries with kind help and assistance of our own members. They are the original transcriptions and produced for publication under our own label.

In addition to the above the Society have taken on the task of transcribing all the Monumental Inscriptions in Selkirkshire Cemeteries From 2007 to date.  Each headstone has been transcribed and produced on CDs for the following cemeteries;-


  1. Selkirk Auld Kirkyard - The oldest cemetery in the Kirk Wynd with over 467 headstones each with a digital photograph. This is where William Wallace was proclaimed "Protector of Scotland" and also the burial ground of President Roosevelt s family on his mothers side.
  2. Selkirk Brierylaw Cemetery - 1054 headstones. Includes several from nearby Episcopal Church cemetery. No photographs but individual headstone photographs could be arranged.
  3. Selkirk Shawfield Cemetery - 1400 headstones. As above with no photographs.
  4. Ettrick Kirkyard - 235  headstones each with a digital photograph. Includes James Hogg the "Ettrick Shepherd" also Tibbie Shiels and Rev. Boston
  5. Kirkhope Cemetery (Ettrick Bridge) - 225 headstones each with digital photograph.This cemetery has never been transcribed before so all details are new.
  6. Yarrow Kirkyard - 437 headstones each with digital photograph
  7. Ashkirk Cemetery - 320 headstones each with digital photographs and includes a separate Scott index for the numerous Scotts within.

  8. Hobkirk Cemeteries (old and new) including Abbotrule. See above new releases.
  9. Southdean cemeteries (old and new) including Abbotrule. See above new releases.

Special Notice
Please note we have now ceased to record, amend and sell all our CDs listed above. The Border Family History Society has now taken over all sales and enquiries and can be reached at or at 52 Overhaugh Street , Galashiels TD1 1DP. Any problems I can still be contacted at (Editor)